Olof Ejermo

Olof Ejermo — PhD in Economics. Associate professor in innovation economics. My research currently focuses on a highly comprising database I have compiled on Swedish inventors (23,000 individuals), where I’m interested in the milieus that foster inventiveness. Such milieus include academia, firms and new technology-based firms. I also study which educational background make people innovative through these data. Another topic of mine is the study is if inventors become more productive (and thus contribute to knowledge spillovers) if they are mobile between firms.

Specialties: Innovation studies on regional, sectoral and firm levels, Patent analysis, statistical/econometric analysis.


Staffan Laestadius –is Professor Emeritus of Industrial Dynamics. His research interests focuses on the one hand on knowledge formation processes behind industrial and technical change and transformation, on the other on the sustainability conditions providing necessities as well as opportunities to fundamental industrial transformation.


Olavi Lehtoranta — Senior Research Scientist at VTT and Senior Researcher at Statistics of Finland. HIs research focuses on econometric analysis.


Michael Novotny

Michael Novotny –His research interests are within the field of industrial dynamics/evolutionary economics and as such concerns understanding of the mechanisms behind industrial and technological transformations, in particular the transformation of pulp & paper industries into new biobased product fields. Michael focuses on the following research issues:

– How to handle new technologies and capabilities considering product portfolio, emerging and established markets, institutional framework
– Disruptive technologies – Implications for large incumbents
– Analysing the main industrial, technological, economic and institutional challenges or “bottlenecks” pulp and paper industries are facing during a system transition or technology shift (at micro and meso level).
– Analysing technology frontiers in biomaterial/biorefining industries (both through bibliometric/technometric and qualitative methods)


Marko Seppänen

Marko Seppänen — Professor of Industrial Management at The Pori Campus of the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). HIs research focuses on business networks development. Research activities are organized around business ecosystems, networks and innovations.

The Pori Campus of the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) operates in the University Consortium of Pori together with the university units of Aalto University, Turku University and Tampere University. The University Consortium of Pori is situated in the city centre of Pori, in a renovated building of a former cotton mill. See more at



Arho Suominen

Arho Suominen — Works as a senior scientist at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. At VTT, he focuses on innovation strategies and technology mangement. Working in a independent expert role focusing on patent analysis, network analysis and statistical analysis specifically in the context of corporate technology portfolios, technology forecasting, technology development, innovation studies and impact assessment. At the core of my work is working as a data scientist using quantitative methods, specifically text mining in the study technological development and innovation. I work easily with R, SPSS, Python, Gephi and a variety of other tools that enable me to create actionable metrics from large datasets.

Arho has an doctoral degree in electronics from University of Turku, Finland.


Hannes Toivanen

Hannes Toivanen — Currently, innovation and information society systems in support of development, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, is at the center of my work.

Researcher, policy maker and consultant experience in innovation intelligence, foresight and capacity building with multiple European governments and the European Commission, in developing countries, as well as with private industries.

As a project manager, experience in managing complex people networks and challenging strategy & intelligence development projects.

Institutions of knowledge driven economic growth, in particular in the context of globalization, establish the core interest of my research work.

My research has also addressed in particular the role of significant innovations or waves of innovations for value capture strategies of firms, industries & regions.

-Economic and Industrial Competitiveness
-Corporate strategy
-Public policy
-Innovation, technology and research policies
-Innovation systems and environments
-Geographical specialization: Europe, North and Latin America, Brazil
-Innovation in ICT and forest products industries